Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Remember Why You Said Yes

There are plenty of times during the early years a couple is together that the stress and pressure will seem insurmountable- especially during Wedding Planning. You are in the process, not only of planning a huge event in your life as a couple, but also merging two unique persons into one family unit. There can be resentments, trials and tribulations. There even might come a time when you feel you are making a cataclysmic mistake. Rest assured that this isn't the first time a couple...(more)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best Man Duties

So your Buddy, the Groom, has officially asked you to be the Best Man and you have a million questions. Some of your answers you will find in Bridal Party Duties, but some more important information will be found in this article...(more)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bride's Wedding Gift

Sometimes during all these crazy Wedding Planning days, when your spending your money quicker than you are making it, make sure you leave something aside to buy your soon to be wife a rehearsal dinner Wedding Gift...(more)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Buying an Engagement Ring

There are many items to consider when preparing to purchase an engagement ring. Some pertain to quality of diamond others have to do with the gal your buying the ring for. Here is a quick overview to give you some ideas on purchasing an Engagement Ring...(more)

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

One of the final stages of Wedding Planning is planning a Rehearsal Dinner. This intimate evening is a special time for the Bridal couple to thank the people closest to them. The event also has a practical theme, feed the people who have just gone through the Wedding Rehearsal. In the old days, this event was planned and hosted by the Groom's parents...(more)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Making In-Laws Part of the Family

One of the biggest questions prior to Marriage is: "How am I going to get along with my in-laws?" This has been a dilemma since the beginning of time and with a few simple hints will be a non-issue in your Wedding planning process...(more)

Ideas on Marriage Proposals

Well, if you are reading this article you have come to the conclusion it is time to propose marriage. You have decided to take the great plunge. You have finally found what you were looking for and you think if you ask right, she will say yes. If you're anywhere near as nervous as I was prior to proposing, you are now...(more)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Simple Groom's Checklist

Here is a simple (though thorough) checklist to take you through the typical duties a groom needs to pay special attention to. This is not an absolute list, it is a typical one. Feel free to change items from the bride's checklist to the Groom's and vice versa as needed to plan your wedding...(more)

Groom isn't a Four Letter Word

Brides love their Grooms. So why is it that Grooms get no respect in the Wedding Planning Process? There is a stigma in most Wedding magazines and websites that grooms want nothing to do with the wedding planning process. Whether this perception is fair or is unjustified is a question worth asking...(more)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Asking for a Blessing?

Now I want to pose a question.

How many of you (or your fiance's) asked her(your) father's permission (or more commonly) his blessing before you proposed?

In this day and age this custom has seemed to go by the wayside. I know I...(more)

Bridal Party Gifts

It's standard that in addition to all the wonderful gifts you're receiving, you're going to be giving gifts to the people who are helping make your day special. Don't forget to work these into your budget. Here's a list of people not to forget, and also some suggestions for each. You know your...(more)

Bridal Party Duties

This is a little go-to list for the duties of the Bridal Party. Remember every Bride and Groom are different and may wish to augment this list in order to fit their own Wedding. Basically the only constant is the Bridal Party are the closest friend and relatives of the Engaged Couple and will help them as great friends would...(more)

Bachelor Party Ideas

Now this being a family friendly site, I am going to go into detail about some Clean Bachelor Party Ideas. I am sure the resources on the internet can help you plan a soiree involving alcohol, exposed female protuberances and carnality galore, but here at Christmas Wedding-2008 we are more interested in Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties that involve the Bride and Groom being on good terms afterwards...(more)

Groom Guide to Formalwear

First and foremost, no matter how good you looked at your high school prom, you need to follow these steps to not screw up your Wedding attire. Your wedding outfit is the jump to the big leagues and if you are reading this article...(more)

Grooms Guide to Wedding Planning

So you spent the best part of your life trying to figure out the opposite sex and now either you have come to the conclusion you will never figure them out, or you have found the only gal you can understand. Either way congratulations, you have entered into a very select group of men called...(more)